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March-April 2000


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Posted: 4/25/00 x x x Send your reply to: Ourhouse16@aol.com and/or BBoard@wfsi.org

I am currently testing, and have been for the past two and a half years. My time is running out. I only have a few more years to try and get on a fire department. I have improved considerably and if I don't pass a test, I only miss by a few seconds. What I was wondering is is there anyone who I could talk to in getting help with my current situation. I don't imagine I am alone. I am already a paramedic, so I have that taken care of, but it seems as though this is just out of my grasp. Any help would be very much appreciated.



Posted: 4/25/00 x x x Send your reply to: jwhitlow@theriver.com and/or BBoard@wfsi.org
  I have been looking for a company that makes logger boots in my size, and I have had no luck. I wear size 5 1/2 in women's or 3 1/2 in boys'. If anyone has any info, please send it to me. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Veronica
Posted: 4/25/00 x x x Send your reply to: jskramer@home.com and/or BBoard@wfsi.org

We are doing some research here and are looking to find out who was the first female paid, professional firefighter in Canada. Please respond to jskramer@home.com.

Thank you.

Kevin J. Ripa
J.S. Kramer & Associates
42219-400 9737 Macleod Tr. S.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2J 7A6
Ph: 403 861 4846 Toll Free: 877 861 4846
Fax: 403 271 0186 Toll Free: 877 271 0186
Ab. Justice #PA23266.09.00

Posted: 4/20/00 x x x Send your reply to: WndsongFrm@aol.com and/or BBoard@wfsi.org


I would like some input on different nomex station/dress pants available
(manufacturer, etc.). Are there any true women's sizes?

Thank you!

Posted: 4/19/00 x x x Send your reply to: taracooper@netscape.net and/or BBoard@wfsi.org


I am testing for a fire department that will be using the new CPAT test for their physical portion. Does anyone have some good ideas on how to practice the skills needed in performing this test? I think we have 10:20 to complete the CPAT, including a 3 minute stair climb. I have no firefighting experience or access to any equipment. The good thing is we don't have to wear turnouts -- just a weighted vest. Please send any ideas to taracooper@netscape.net.

Thanks a million.


Posted: 4/19/00 x x x xSend your reply to: lljdcg@bellsouth.net

My name is Lori Johnson-German (FF/PM, Hallandale Beach Fire Rescue), and I am the membership secretary for the Florida Fire Inspectors Association. The President's name is Kathy Daegling (FI, Miami Fire Rescue). We both have served on the Executive Board for a number of years. Our organization is one of the few in the State of Florida that has women who serve in executive offices.

We would love to recruit other women in the fire service. They needn't be limited to Fire Inspectors: we are interested in Public Educators, Fire Investigators, PIO's, etc... They also don't have to live in Florida. We have members as far away as New Jersey. (Some like to come to Ft. Lauderdale for our annual educational seminar that will be held in May, and for a little sun.)

Our web site is www.flfireinsp.org, and we may be reached via e-mail through that site.



 Posted: 4/13/00 x x x xSend your reply to: ima_gerbil@hotmail.com
  I've got a small but nagging problem when wearing my gear. The face opening on my hood forces my glasses down on my nose, to the point that I have to breathe through my mouth. I don't always have a free hand to shove my glasses (which I need) back up, and therefore occasionally they get "popped" off.

When I'm not too close to the fire, I pull the top of the opening far enough up into my helmet that the interior band holds it up, but it works back out and goes to work on my glasses again. Contacts are not an option, and eye surgery takes more money and nerve than I've come up with yet. I've got an old pair of glasses that I could modify and keep in my coat pocket if any one has an answer for me.

Thanks -- Gerbil
 Posted: 3/29/00 x x x xSend your reply to: RAINBO1956@aol.com

I have a huge favor to ask. I have a friend that is joining the Toledo, Ohio, Fire Dept. As a gift of congratulations, I am trying to make her a picture for her, superimposing her and her deceased brother (who also was a firefighter) together. He will be in the background (slightly) and behind her, as if to be there for her, by her side during her training...future protection....etc.

What I am asking for is a photo of a firefighter (male or female, since her face will be superimposed in the pic) standing in a face-front position, whole body, with equipment on, but not the helmet. Perhaps holding the helmet. Also, if you have a photo of a male standing with civilian clothes on except wearing a firefighting T-shirt, same position....this would be her brother, standing slightly behind her... again, the face of him would be superimposed.

Maybe this sounds a little wacky, but I have no idea where else to look for a photo of a firefighter that would be good enough resolution so that they can create this picture. If you cannot send me a photo but know where I might find photos I can use, I would greatly appreciate it.

Send any photo's or info to Rainbo1956@aol.com

Thank you,

Cherie (A friend of a future Toledo firefighter)

 Posted: 3/29/00 x x x xSend your reply to: tamahoney@aol.com and/or BBoard@wfsi.org
  Does anyone know what fire group was selling the shorts and t-shirts (at the L.A. conference) that had the little Kokopelli fire fighters wearing SCBAs? I am in need of a new pair of shorts. Thanks, tamahoney@aol.com
 Posted: 3/26/00 x x x xSend your reply to: unkimario@jps.net and/or BBoard@wfsi.org
I am an EMT in the Los Angeles area. I was burned in an oxygen fire nearly three years ago. In the past year or so I have met other EMS professionals that have been burned.

Though I am a male, I am writting to ask your readers to show their support for a female firefighter who was burned a little while back. Right now she is in the hottest part of her court case as well as nearing the aniversary date of her injury.

Without violating confidentiallity I can tell you she is in northern California and has experienced major life changes due to the injury. I will contact her and have someone read her your messages of encouragement. To insure her privacy, I will call her "Special Lady".

Thank you so much,

Mario Hernandez
  4/2/00 x x x Reply from: HDEANIE@aol.com

You may not realize it yet, but you are thought of and cared about from some people you may never see.

I have found that no matter what disaster appears in my life, when I attempt to make family, friends, or coworkers smile, it helps me to overcome my own disappointments.

May your recovery continue.


Posted: 3/9/00 x x x xSend your reply to: taracooper@netscape.net and/or BBoard@wfsi.org
  I need advice on testing. I am planning on taking the written test in Idaho for the Boise FD in May and if I score high enough to take the physical in June. I have taken one written and physical test in another city as practice.

There will probably be over 2000 people for the written. Any advice on how to practice the oral comprehension part?

Also, I have been working out trying to increase my strength for the physical portion. Any suggestions on how to practice what I will have to actually do on the physical portion without having access to the equipment? As you can tell by the numbers posted on your Web site, we definitely lack female firefighters.


Posted: 3/2/00 x x x xSend your reply to: Anadsa@aol.com

I am a Sociology major at Western Kentucky University. I have an assignment to do a paper on the changes in society (on a topic of our choice). I have chosen Female Firefighters for the topic of my paper and need some help with data and research. I have looked at your site several times in the last year. I hope to be a firefighter one day. I tried out last year and failed the physical portion of the test, the Combat Challenge...after a year of hard work, I hope the outcome will be different this year.

What I need and would like to receive are stories from women who have been involved with the fire service in career positions for a number of years who can tell me about the changes they have seen and experienced first hand. I want to hear about specific incidents of accomplishments, of compliments, of disappointments, of mistakes and of harassment. I want to hear from women in small and large departments on how they have (or haven't) seen things change over the years. I would also love to hear from any male firefighter who isn't afraid to voice his opinion whether positive or negative on women in the fire service.

Remember, this is a sociology paper...not a legal investigation. I need honesty so, if they don't want names of departments to be mentioned...they won't be. I just want true life experiences. There is no need for political correctness here.

Thank you for your assistance and thank you for the information on this website. There is no other resource like this that I have found.



Posted: 3/2/00 x x x xSend your reply to: tbrink66@hotmail.com and/or BBoard@wfsi.org
  Fairfax County, Virginia, is proud to announce that they are going to present an "all women" team for the 2000 Combat Challenge. The women involved came to me wanting suggestions with regards to fundraising and possibly a raffle. The already existing male team has been greeted with a very cool response in the past, and our volunteer organization devotes their money to station facilities and equipment needs. Does anyone either involved or not involved with the Combat Challenge have any suggestions for their efforts? Thanks for the help.

Tracy Brinkley
Women's Program Officer
Fairfax County Fire & Rescue

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