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  BLAZE, a special project of WFS, is an enthusiastic and talented group of women firefighters putting on weeklong "fire camps" -- intensive orientations to firefighting -- for young women, ages 16-19. Camp Blaze 2003 was held near Seattle in July.
  The Women Chief Fire Officers, a network of women fire chiefs and aspiring chief officers focusing on mentoring, networking, and preparing the next generation of fire service leaders. WCFO typically meets three times a year, and holds a three-day seminar in early November.
  RealWorld Training & Consulting, owned by retired fire lieutenant Linda Willing, offers "practical support for fire and emergency services managers." RealWorld specializes in training on diversity issues, mediation, and conflict resolution. The site features an excellent newsletter discussing current issues in these areas.
  The home page of Wildfire Magazine and the International Association of Wildland Fire
  The website of the Fire Service Women of New Jersey, a statewide network of fire service women. They hold an annual retreat and other events.
  The home page of the National Association of Female Paramedics
  A page of links of interest to fire service women, on the Firehouse.com website
  The website of the British women firefighters' organization, Networking Women in the Fire Service
  The website of the International Association of Black Professional Fire Fighters
  The website of the National Association of Hispanic Firefighters
  The website of the International Association of Hispanic Fire Fighters
   The website of the International Association of Fire Chiefs
   The website of the Wildland Firefighters Foundation
  An entertaining and very informative website, independently managed, with information about women in the military, past and present.
  Called "Women in the Fire Service Network", this site has no connection to WFS, despite having incorporated the organization's name into their title.
  A page exploring the history of African-Americans in the U.S. fire service, focusing on the 19th and early 20th centuries. An excellent beginning at retrieving some forgotten history.
  Women's Research & Education Institute. This D.C.-based organization for several years had an ongoing project on women in the military, and held a biennial conference on women in uniform.
   The Firefighters Bookstore
  On the website of the Chilean firefighters' organization, this page (and three others it is linked to) reports on the Encuentro de Mujeres Bomberos ("Meeting of Women Firefighters") held in January of 1999. Nearly 70 women firefighters from all over Chile participated in the meeting. Note: this site is in Spanish only.
  The website of the Dutch women firefighters' organization. More than 850 women in the Netherlands are firefighters. Their second national conference was held November 8-10, 2001. Note: this site is in Dutch only.
  The website of the German career women firefighters, in connection with the German firefighters' union. The organization holds an annual meeting the first weekend of November. Note: This site is in German only.
Trinidad women firefighters
  Brief information about women firefighters in Trinidad & Tobago.
  The Feminist Majority Foundation's site has information on a wide range of women's issues, from breast cancer to women & girls in sports. The National Center for Women in Policing is part of this organization. Their site also offers state-by-state listings of agencies that may be helpful to women who have been sexually harassed on the job.
  A searchable directory of more than 9,000 women's organizations
  Equal Rights Advocates, a San Francisco-based "women's law center litigating, educating and organizing for your rights"
  The National Organization for Women
   Legal Momentum (formerly NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund)
  Firefighter Ministries




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