Women in the Fire Service, Inc.
WFS is a non-profit organization that has been networking women firefighters, and providing information to the fire service on women's issues, since 1982. Please feel free to browse the resources offered here, and to contact us at info@wfsi.org with your specific comments or questions.

Information on the issues

Women in the Fire Service maintains information resources on a wide variety of topics relevant to women's work in firefighting and rescue operations. Our online information includes:

Reproductive health and safety issues for emergency personnel

Policy guidance against sexual harassment on the job

Information on recruiting women for firefighting jobs:

1. A pre-recruitment checklist

2. Getting the "big picture" of recruitment

3. The recruitment drive itself

4. Physical abilities test practice sessions

5. Taking the CPAT: One woman's experience

Important: Your input needed on the CPAT (Candidate Physical Ability Test)

Developing hair & grooming standards

Sample hair-length policies for firefighters

Women firefighters & firefighting protective gear

Fire station facilities for the workforce of the future

Managing a diverse fire service workforce

Also see our online collection of articles from our print newsletter, and information on free handbooks from the U.S. Fire Administration covering these issues.

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