Women in the Fire Service

History and statistics

If you're writing a paper, researching background information for an article, or just curious about how many women firefighters there are, what their history is, and what issues they still face in today's fire service workplace, this is the page you're looking for.

  A summary of answers to frequently asked questions about women firefighters
  A 2001 report on the numbers of women in career structural firefighting positions in the U.S.
  A history of women in the fire service
   A history of African-American women firefighters
  An honor roll of women firefighters and EMT's who have died in the line of duty
  A comprehensive bibliography on issues pertaining to fire service women
   Data from a 1995 survey about sexual harassment in the fire service


x A subject index to WFS publications:

  Part I: Book, magazine and video reviews; Education and training; EMS stories and issues; Fire and disaster incidents; Firefighter/EMT deaths and injuries; Firefighter recruitment and hiring; Firefighters and the media; Gender issues and workplace culture; Health and fitness; Humor
  Part II: Individual women's stories; Job skills and strategies; Leadership and promotion; Leaving the job; Legal issues and lawsuits; Mental health; Networking and conferences; Outside the U.S.
  Part III: Physical abilities testing; Relationships and the workplace; Reproductive health and parenting issues; Safety and protective equipment; Sexual harassment; Unions; Volunteer firefighting; WFS activities; WFS surveys; Wildland fire; Women of color in the fire service; Women firefighters off the job; Women's history

Most of the information in this section is condensed from more comprehensive material available for purchase in our "Women Firefighters: Then & Now" information packet.

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