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Women in the Fire Service has two print publications: a news bulletin (FireWork, published six times a year) and a quarterly journal. Subscription to both publications is by membership in WFS.

Sample articles from back issues of our print publications are posted here. Please call us at 608/233-4768 to receive a free sample copy.

  Taking Care of our Families
   "I Hope We Can Become All This Town Has Lacked"
   Why We Quit
   An Unmentionable Measure of Progress
   Fixing Fire Training
   Women Firefighters 2001: A Status Report
   The Emmitsburg Experience
   Report on Equality in the British Fire Service (1999)
  From Ground Zero: The World Trade Center Collapse
   Too Far Back for Comfort
  The Language of Inclusion
   Physical Fitness for Firefighters


We include job announcements in our print publications and here on our website. Check us out if you are interested in publicizing fire service job openings for your agency.


We also offer a wide array of other print and video resources on issues of interest to fire service women and to managers of a gender-integrated fire service workforce. Please also check out our t-shirts and bumper stickers!


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