Women in the Fire Service, Inc.
Mission Statement

We envision a fire service in which diversity is valued for the strength it provides. WFS is committed to maximizing women's involvement in the fire service, thereby widening opportunities for all women. We are dedicated to meeting the challenges of the fire service today and anticipating and planning for the future. As a creative force on the cutting edge of institutional change, WFS provides resources and solutions to make a fully integrated fire service a reality.



Women in the Fire Service, Inc.
Statement of Purpose

The purpose of Women in the Fire Service is to promote and facilitate the participation of women in the fire service. We will accomplish this by:

  • Providing information and education on relevant issues to fire service organizations and individuals;
  • Creating networks and providing support for women in the evolving fire service workforce;
  • Advocating for constructive changes within the fire service by establishing coalitions with other fire service groups, providing a voice for women on national policy-making bodies, and providing assistance for individual women in dealing with institutional barriers; and by
  • Developing policy guidelines and recommendations for fire service and related organizations.

Women in the Fire Service, Inc.

I pledge to respect my fellow Firefighters, female and male, regardless of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or creed. I recognize that I have a responsibility to my fellow Firefighters as comrades and as human beings. I promise from this day forth to try to understand them and accept them, regardless of the differences that exist between us. I promise never to defame or make a derogatory remark about another member of the Fire Service, or to be party to such practices, and I will stop them from occurring whenever possible. We recognize that there is strength in our unity and that while our differences make us unique, we do share the common goal of being the best we can in our chosen career.


The WFS Pledge was written by Christine Richie-Myers of the Oakland, California Fire Department, and adopted at the WFS conference in Asheville, North Carolina, in 1989.

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