Benefits of Membership

WFS is a member-driven organization that provides education, support and advocacy for fire service women through informational resources, job networking, products related to the fire service, and conferences. It is an organization of women and for women -- but not for women alone. Our membership includes men in all ranks who seek to make the fire service a professional place where women and men work together harmoniously, as well as institutional members such as fire departments and union locals.

Nonetheless, WFS is mostly women. As the one organization that speaks specifically for them in their profession, WFS continues to increase in membership. Hundreds of women firefighters and officers from urban fire departments and state or federal wildland agencies belong, as do EMT's, paramedics, inspectors, dispatchers, and fire service educators. Career and volunteer firefighters and rescue personnel in 48 states and eleven countries are members. They are diverse in background, and united in their commitment to their profession. To the fire service, WFS is their voice.

WFS is a non-profit organization that depends heavily on memberships and donations for its financial health. What that means is: we need your dues and contributions in order to keep going! Individual memberships are available at several levels, beginning at US$40 a year ($45 to addresses outside the U.S.).

We do not wish to exclude anyone from our resources and services due to financial need. Subsidized memberships are available for those with no, or extremely low, income. These memberships are based on ability to pay, and begin at $15/year. Please note that all memberships paid for by fire agency check or purchase order are considered institutional memberships and are due at the rate of US$50/year.

WFS Publications

With your WFS membership, you will receive a subscription to our two publications, FireWork (an electronic newsletter published eight times a year) and WFS Quarterly (a quarterly print journal).

Member Access on

With your membership you will also receive member-only access to our online newsletter, and access to download several information packets, containing collections of articles and information on several important topics, at no cost.

Member Discounts

WFS members receive special discounted rates on WFS conference registrations, and a 10% discount on printed versions of our information packets in the WFS Store.




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