"Real Women Drive Fire Trucks!"

WFS now offers this great bumper sticker, courtesy of our friends at Charis Books in Atlanta. Stickers are $3 apiece.

Send check or money order to WFS, P.O. Box 5446, Madison WI 53705.

VISA/MasterCard orders may be phoned in to 608/233-4768 or faxed to 608/233-4879. We do not recommend transmitting credit-card information via our e-mail address. (Please, no VISA or MasterCard orders smaller than $10. May be combined with other purchases from WFS to meet this minimum.)

For orders outside the U.S., please contact us regarding additional postage costs. For shipping and returns information, see our product order page.


[Please note that while this scan is a little fuzzy, the bumper sticker is not!]

This page was last updated on December 3, 2003.

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